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Þorvarður Pálsson
Þorvarður Pálsson
Frábær þjónusta og gott starfsfólk.
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Fanney Svava Gudmundsdottir
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Birna Eymundsdóttir
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Hrefna Ósk
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Anna Margrét
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Bergdís Bjarnadóttir
We start getting great advice and full information about a treatment. After three sessions I very happy with the results. Fully recommended and I will use their services again.
Eva Ísfold Lind Þuríðardóttir
Eva Ísfold Lind Þuríðardóttir
Outstanding service. Frábær þjónusta!

Popular treatments

Wrinkles and skin folds - Fractional laser

From 49.000 kr

We use fractional lasers to reduce skin laxity, wrinkles and folds.
We have more than 20 years of experience in laser treatments.

    • Low-risk treatment
    • Permanent results
    • Performed under specialist supervision 
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Wrinkles and skin folds - Fillers

From 39.000 kr

Injectable fillers are usually hyaluronic acid and are used to
remove skin folds and improve wrinkles.

    • Low-risk treatment
    • Long lasting high quality fillers individually selected
      by a dermatologist
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Wrinkles and skin folds - Muscle relaxant

From 34.000 kr

A muscle relaxant is used against the effects of small facial muscles for preventing or minimising wrinkles and folds.
The relaxant can also be used against prominent jaw muscles, bruxism or sweat gland problems.

    • Works well against wrinkles on forehead and around eyes
    • Lasts for about 3-5 months
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Hair removal - Laser treatment

From 17.000 kr

We use different lasers to remove unwanted black hairs.
The most common treatment areas include the face, neck, bikini area, armpits, legs, thighs, shoulders, upper arms and the back. 

Ingrown hairs may need additional drug treatment under the supervision of a dermatologist in our clinic.

    • Low-risk treatment
    • Permanent results
    • Performed under specialist supervision 
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Tattoo removal - Laser treatment

From 12.750 kr

We use  a powerful laser to remove unwanted tattoos. The laser emits short energy pulses to remove the tattoo without scarring.

    • High quality lasers
    • Permanent results
    • Performed under specialist supervision 
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From 39.000 kr

Cryolipolysis eliminates stubborn skin folds remaining despite normal body weight. It simply reduces temporarily the temperature of the folds leading to destruction of fat cells.  

It is completely pain-free as the cold anesthetizes the skin.

    • Low-risk and painless treatment
    • Performed under specialist supervision
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From 20.400 kr

Rosacea is a chronic disease causing facial redness, flushing and pimples. Correct diagnosis and treatment is mandatory to keep the disease under control.

Redness usually requires laser treatments while pimples may require topical or systemic treatments.

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Leg veins

From 20.400 kr
These are prominent, widened vessels which can be red, blue or black.
    • Correct diagnosis is required by a physician
    • The vessels usually disappear permanently with proper laser treatments
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From 14.025 kr

Scars can vary in appearance requiring different treatments for optimal results. Recessed scars typically respond to proper laser treatments re-arranging the collagen of the skin.

    • Some scars may require ELOS combining a laser with radio frequency waves
    • Protruding scars may require drug treatment or cryotherapy
    • Red scars may require a laser removing small vessels and capillaries
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Stretch marks (striae)

From 19.000 kr

Stretch marks (striae) are common and can be caused by a rapid growth or pregnancy. Sometimes they form a red or blue color.

    • Treatment options include a fractional laser or radio frequency waves
    • The treatment improves texture by affecting collagen and elastin fibers
    • Redness is affected by a special laser removing capillaries or by combining an ELOS treatment with microdermabrasion
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Our team

Ásgerður Sverrisdóttir D.D.S.

Bolli Bjarnason M.D., Ph.D.


Bryndís Björnsdóttir
Dental technician 

Dagný Ólafsdóttir M.Sc.
Cosmetologist & Nutritionist


Elín Jóhannesdóttir

Ellen Flosadóttir D.D.S., M.Sc.
Prosthodontist / Dentist


Tanja Jóhannsdóttir B.Sc.

Frequently asked questions

How do I book?

We recommend an appointment with a dermatologist in our clinic to ensure proper treatment for optimal results. You can either book an appointment below or call 544 4450. 

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For whom are the treatments intended?

We offer a variety of treatments at reasonable prices. You may be eligible for a special low price if you are 23 years of age or younger.

How often do I need treatments?

It depends on the treatment. Most treatments require between 3-10 times with some period in between each one. You can read more about time intervals on our service pages below. 

More treatments

Comfortable atmosphere

We want our clients to feel comfortable and therefore we strive to offer the most recent methods and equipment. 

We are always willing to offer the advise of a specialist. Call us at 544-4450 or send us an email at and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

Personal service

We offer a professional and personal service by accredited specialists in a comfortable environment. Our knowledge is to your benefit. We use safe and approved methods to help you reach your goals, a better look and skin health. 

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108 Reykjavík

Telephone: 544 4450
Open from 8:00 – 16:00


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Due to multiple complaints a regulation has been set for therapeutic laser treatments which bans the practise of those treatments without the supervision of a medical specialist such as a dermatologist. Many neighboring countries, such as Denmark, apply such restrictions on treatments. The reasons for which concern the safety of patients when it comes to the correct diagnosis, the choice of treatment, its application and follow-up.

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